Fences in Demand: Why you should buy an aluminum fence


What is an aluminum fence?

Ornamental aluminum fencing is one of the fence types experiencing the highest increase in demand in America for residential and commercial applications. This growth is due to its versatility and the maintenance-free durability provided by aluminum products. 

Whether you want to add security to your business or improve your home’s curb appeal, aluminum fencing meets various consumer needs. Most aluminum fencing comes backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and is guaranteed to look great for years to come. Therefore, many homeowners’ associations require aluminum fencing in newer neighborhoods. Due to its rust-resistant nature and wind breathability, aluminum fences make the perfect pool fence, which is why you see it at just about every hotel and community pool.

Beautiful and Maintenance Free

Aluminum fencing is an open picket style of fence that was designed to mimic the look of traditional wrought iron fencing while offering a more durable long-term product. By combining the most stringent quality standards with state-of-the-art compounds, aluminum fences resist peeling, flaking, corrosion, rotting, or rusting. Aluminum fences are lightweight and easy to install. They are also covered in a protective coating that helps preserve the condition of the paint for longer periods. Virtually maintenance-free, a water hose is usually all you need to clean it off if the fence gets dirty.

Cost Effective

When compared to materials like wrought iron, aluminum is a relatively inexpensive raw material. Additionally, aluminum fencing is relatively lightweight and easy to install, which can reduce the amount you would spend on labor.

While an aluminum fence may cost more than a wood fence, the durability of the aluminum fence makes it a more cost-effective investment than a traditional wood picket fence. Since aluminum fencing is long-lasting and durable, you will spend less time replacing or repairing your fence than other materials, especially wood.


The world is now shifting towards being more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s cleaner ingredients in food, electric cars, or less hazardous chemicals in cleaning supplies, more and more Americans are living non-toxic lifestyles. If you are looking for fencing materials that have less impact on the environment, aluminum fencing may be the best fit for you. While aluminum itself is not friendlier to the environment than wood, vinyl, or wrought iron, the fact that it requires little in the way of paints, stains, or other materials that have toxic properties makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking to be environmentally friendly. For example, a stained or painted wood fence requires a new coat of paint or stain every few years. The stain that drips from the wood can harm the grass, soil, and earth below. Aluminum does not require any protective resurfacing.

Customizable Options

There are countless ways to customize your aluminum fence. If you have a new puppy or small breed dog, ask about puppy picket or double picket designs. Are you looking for the best material to use for your driveway gate? Aluminum estate gates are relatively lightweight and come in straight top, arch top, and estate top design styles making it easy to fit your taste and size requirements. Available in different colors, styles, heights, and grades of thickness with upgrade options such as ball point post caps and Fleur De Lis finials, the possibilities to customize your new aluminum fence are limitless. 

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