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Big Jerry’s Fencing offers you a unique franchise opportunity with us. The franchise taps into the home improvement market worth over $300 billion dollars. Our fence franchise offers you one of the most affordable and profitable ways to run a successful business in this booming industry.

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What do I get with my Big Jerry’s Fencing Franchise?

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Fencing Industry Overview

According to research reports, customers prefer it if their fences are installed by professionals, as opposed to DIY, as their placement and aesthetics in the premises play a crucial role in determining the value of the property. Increased consumer spending on home improvement activities, coupled with a rise in disposable incomes, is also expected to continue to drive growth.

From 2016 – 2021, the fence construction industry experienced growth supported by low borrowing costs, falling unemployment and rising incomes. These factors have led to rapid expansion of the US residential housing market in nearly all areas of the country, thus increasing the demand for fences. Additionally, renovation and remodeling activity have further supported industry growth.

Aluminum and PVC/Vinyl are the fence types experiencing the most growth owed to it’s durability and low maintenance. These are the fence types that many new construction neighborhoods are requiring.

The U.S. fencing market size was valued at $7.5 billion in 2016.  The domestic fence industry revenue has increased at a rate of 3.6% over a five year span to reach over $10.0 billion in 2021. Industry forecasts expect a 5.4% increase in 2022 alone and is anticipated to register a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of over 6% from 2021 to 2026.

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Harnett County Team at Big Jerry's Fencing

Why Big Jerry’s Fencing?

Big Jerry’s Fencing is one of the only fence franchises offered in the country. With a constant focus on innovation and using modern technology to stay ahead of the curve, everything we do is with the greater goal of delivering a consistent unwavering customer experience that is nothing less than exceptional every time. 

Consumer purchasing continues to trend toward the online and ecommerce sector. Our hassle free quoting experience allows customers to shop and purchase their fence from the convenience of their living room without having to go through the time consuming process of calling fence contractors and scheduling site visits.

The fencing industry continues to withstand economic fluctuation as most families view having a fence as a need or requirement for their home. Due to households with children, pets, pools and an increased national awareness on home security, homeowners purchase fences over high demand cosmetic improvements such as kitchen and bath renovations as well as other outdoor landscaping projects.

Big Jerry’s Fencing offers a business model that is different from any other fencing company in America. We have observed the world migrate toward convenience and virtual alternatives and have listened to our customers every step of the way as we continue to enhance our processes. As a result we have completely changed the landscape of the fencing industry and reshaped what the customer experience looks like when purchasing a fence.

We offer a low cost minimal overhead entrepreneurship opportunity. Call us today and experience the Big Jerry’s Fencing way!

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Big Jerry’s Fencing Concept

Big Jerry’s Fencing is committed to being the industry leader by upholding the highest standard for customer service and always offering quality products at a competitive price. The company is revolutionizing the fencing industry by hiring the right people and utilizing modern technology to increase its efficiency, all while providing a fair estimate and a hassle-free experience to each and every customer. By valuing customers and truly listening to their needs, Big Jerry’s Fencing is motivated to continue innovating to improve the overall experience of purchasing a fence.

More Efficient

Big Jerry's Fence Franchise
  • You are able to consult with the customer and deliver a professional looking written estimate within minutes. No wasted time scheduling site visits and driving across town from house to house.
  • Research shows the average fence company takes 10 days from the time you submit the quote request to the day you actually receive your quote. This assumes they even call you at all, many companies won’t even call you back.
  • Maximize your productivity during your work day by minimizing wasted hours on drive time.


Customer Service
  • Customers receive first contact from us the same day after subitting a quote request, and usually receive their fence estimate within 24 hours.
  • No hassle process for customers, no need to take time off to schedule a site visit just to receive a quote.
  • You are empowered to be more responsive to your customers throughout the process from the time the lead comes in, through follow up conversations, and during & after their installation. Since we aren’t tied up in the field doing quotes, we allow ourselves to be more attentive to our customers every step of the way.
  • Some customers are just kicking tires and getting quotes to budget upcoming home improvement projects. Our processes allow you to deliver great service to all of your customers, whether they are ready to purchase a fence or not.

Lower Overhead

with Big Jerry's Fencing
  • No wasted labor dollars on drive time.
  • No unnecessary fuel expenses for estimates.
  • Minimal tools & equipment required to get started.
  • High potential entrepreneurship opportunity without a required brick and mortar investment.

Our History

We are currently at 17 locations across eight different states!

Existing Franchise Locations

Meet the Team

Jerry Davis owner/CEO of Big Jerry's Fencing

Jerry Davis


Robert Haligowski - Chief Operations Officer for Big Jerry's Fencing

Robert Haligowski

Chief Operations Officer

Dee Bergschneider Chief Learning Officer at Big Jerry's Fencing

Dee Bergschneider

Chief Learning Officer

Joe Woolworth web development for Big Jerry's Fencing

Joe Woolworth

Web Development

Mark Albert IT Specialist/Tech Support for Big Jerry's Fencing

Mark Albert

IT Specialist/Tech Support

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