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Join the many satisfied customers of Big Jerry’s Fencing. Our Free Estimate provides you with a total cost
estimate. Best pricing and quality fence work in the industry. Estimates are provided for wood, vinyl, chain
link, farm wire fencing, aluminum and galvanized fences. Click on the link for Free Estimates and will
do the rest. Fence installation cost depends on a huge range of factors, including material, the height of the fence,
how much fence s installed, and local labor costs. The most common choices in today’s market are chain link
fence, wooden fence, and vinyl fence. Most people who install fence made of these materials are looking for
some combination of privacy and security. More expensive ornamental fencing made of steel and iron are available,
but this type of fence installation is considerably more expensive.

Wood fences from Big Jerry’s Fencing have truly stood the test of time since wood is the perfect material for fences.
The reason people choose wood fencing is its durability and it stands the test of time. Privacy fences have become
increasingly popular in the North Carolina and are especially common when fencing in a yard with a pool or a home.
No matter your reason, they are a beautiful way to turn your backyard into a secluded private area of your home.
The staff at Big Jerry’s Fencing will prepare your free estimate of your fencing project with the use of a sitemap or
without one. Please make sure you fill out our form on our website. The form will indicate fence type, how many gates,
footage, style, type of Fence address, date, and approximate install date. We will e-mail you your estimate right to
your inbox. all of us if you have additional questions. We work with commercial as well as residential clients, rental
units, senior centers, and more…

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