The Baxter

The Baxter is one of the most common wood privacy fence styles offered at Big Jerry’s Fencing. Designed with one layer of dog ear pickets that are installed side by side, the Baxter is the perfect solution to create privacy for your yard without breaking the bank.
Big Jerry’s Fencing stick builds your wood fence with high-quality lumber, onsite, from scratch, every time. Materials include 1×6 pickets, 2×4 rails, 4×4 posts, and 6×6 hinge side gate posts. The 6×6 gate posts provide additional support to help combat common gate problems such as leaning, sagging, and hinge failure. Big Jerry’s Fencing uses galvanized ring shank nails to construct our wood fences. The galvanized coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, while the ring shank design provides added holding power to help prevent nails from popping out as the wood changes and shrinks over time. Big Jerry’s Fencing guarantees that your wood fence will be built to last.
If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to add privacy to your yard or if you just appreciate a classic wood design, The Baxter may be the perfect fence for you.