Skyline is a modern contemporary design that flips traditional fencing on its side. This fence is built horizontally using five-quarter inch by six-inch decking boards with a three-quarter inch spacing.
Skyline Horizontal Wood Fence from Big Jerry's Fencing

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While the typical wood fence has posted every eight feet, Big Jerry’s Fencing builds the Skyline with posts set six feet apart. This creates added stability and helps to keep the horizontal boards straight and level for years to come. The twelve-foot-long boards will span two sections to ensure a clean and simple look.

Big Jerry’s Fencing uses galvanized ring shank nails to construct our wood fences. The galvanized coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, while the ring shank design provides added holding power to help prevent nails from popping out as the wood changes and shrinks over time. Big Jerry’s Fencing guarantees that your wood fence will be built to last.
Skyline offers a horizontal alternative whether you want to match the modern design elements of your home or if you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to transform your space.

A top cap is an available option to achieve a more finished final appearance.

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