Semi-Privacy Arch Top

The Semi-Privacy Arch Top fence offers a twist to traditional wood picket fencing. The arch top design allows for a smooth transition in yards with slopes and grade shifts that need to be accounted for during installation. The one-and-a-half-inch gap between pickets creates an open feel that is sure to beautify your property.

A semi-privacy wood fence will define your space while adding protection and security without obstructing your home’s beautiful views. This is a great picket fence-style solution for those wanting to capitalize on the natural look of a wood fence.
Semi Privacy wood fence using dog ear pickets and no arch top

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Big Jerry’s Fencing stick builds your wood fence with high-quality lumber on-site, from scratch, every time. Materials include 1×6 pickets, 2×4 rails, 4×4 posts, and 6×6 hinge side gate posts. The 6×6 gate posts provide additional support to help combat common gate problems such as leaning, sagging, and hinge failure.

Big Jerry’s Fencing uses galvanized ring shank nails to construct our wood fences. The galvanized coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, while the ring shank design provides added holding power to help prevent nails from popping out as the wood changes and shrinks over time. Big Jerry’s Fencing guarantees that your wood fence will be built to last.
Whether you need a fence for your front yard to create separation from a busy street or if you want to enclose your backyard space without feeling closed in, the Semi-Privacy Arch Top Wood fence is one of our most popular options.
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