small Golden Retriever puppy climbs up and gnawing a yard fence

Dogs and fences: Will they get out? Options for your pup. 


When you have a pet as part of your family, a fence is can be a necessity for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps ensure your pet’s safety by keeping them out of trouble. When pets are left unattended, they tend to wander or run loose, which exposes them to different types of dangers on the streets.

A fence protects them by keeping them within the enclosed space and safe from threats. For instance, they’re not getting hit by cars, injured by other animals, or even stolen by strangers. It’s not uncommon to see unsupervised pets get into fights with other animals – no matter how docile or friendly they may be – which increases the risk of them getting injured or even killed. Also, not to forget, our communities are home to not only other pets but also undomesticated and even wild animals – depending on where you live.

We offer a wide range of fence styles that are great options for protecting your fur babies. 

  • Puppy Picket Aluminum
    • Our puppy picket option helps you to keep your small pets safe and secure. These panels are constructed with the top section featuring standard picket spacing (usually just under 4inches) while the bottom is a tighter fit with double the number of pickets. This helps prevent small animals such as dogs from escaping through the openings of standard aluminum fences.
  • Board on Board Wood Privacy
    • If you are looking for a privacy fence to keep your dog’s attention inside of your yard, the board on board wood fence offers an overlapping layer of pickets that will cover spacing in between the vertical pickets as the wood shrinks over time. This option is ideal for situations in which you and your neighbor both have dogs and need to keep them separated. With a standard wood privacy fence, the vertical pickets will eventually shrink creating