Farm Fence

Our company offers a wide variety of farm-style fences. They are Manufactured in various heights and wire spacing to suit a wide variety of containment needs, depending on the size of your livestock and the number of animals per acre. Our no-climb woven wire fence is suited for keeping pests and predators out of your pasture. The galvanized coating provides durability against the elements.
Wood Farm Fence from Big Jerry's Fencing

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The welded wire and farm fencing is made from low carbon steel wire and is usually rust-proof. This type of fence is available in a lot of sizes and shapes. This is commonly found in different setups and is ultra-flexible for utility purposes.

Electro-galvanized welded wire mesh with an orifice shaped like a box is built to make the fences for infrastructures you commonly see while walking around your neighborhood or town. The reason it is used so widely is that the mesh of the welded wire fence resists corrosion and is popularly used in the construction of a building. You can easily find this kind of fence can be availed in rolls.

Dipped galvanized mesh is made at a very hot temperature and is usually made from steel wires. Hot zinc is used in the covering process. This kind of mesh wire is very good for designating space by creating fence separations, keeping animals in one area, protecting valuable machinery, and creating storage boxes with the wire.
A farm-style fence is functional and adds an elevated charm to your property.
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