Claremont offers a boxed spear design with a modern twist to the classic spear top style. This fence combines the clean, sleek lines of Belhaven with the traditional elements of Asheville’s spear top. The framed pressed spear pattern along the top of the fence provides a contemporary yet stately feel.
Claremont Aluminum Fence from Big Jerry's Fencing

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With the appearance of wrought iron and the benefits of being maintenance-free, aluminum fencing combines the most stringent quality standards with state-of-the-art compounds to resist peeling, flaking, corrosion, rotting, or rusting. Extremely weather resistant and low-maintenance, an aluminum fence will keep its great looks for years to come.
An aluminum fence will add protection and security without obstructing the wonderful views that your property has to offer. With various styles, grades, finishes, and accessories, it’s easy to add curb appeal and charm to your home while satisfying every taste and budget.

6ft tall residential aluminum fences may have 4-rails.

Commercial Grade and Industrial Grade options are available. Picket and rail dimensions may vary.

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