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Big Jerry’s Fencing offers wire farm fences serving our customers in the agricultural community. This type of fence comes in many different designs and finishes; most are galvanized to resist weathering and rusting.


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Wire Farm Fence Types and Options ​in the Columbus Area


Woven wire and welded wire fence: Our company offers a wide variety of woven wire and welded wire farm-style fences. They are Manufactured in various heights and wire spacing to suit a wide variety of containment needs, depending on the size of your livestock and the number of animals per acre. Our no-climb woven wire fence is suited for keeping pests and predators out of your pasture. The galvanized coating provides durability against the elements.

Woven Wire Field Fence: Protect your investment with Woven Field Fence, the most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs, and other large animals. This horse fence features the Monarch Knot, which acts as a hinge that gives under pressure and then allows the fence to spring back into shape.


Image showcasing Big Jerry's Fencing's durable farm-style fences with no-climb woven wire design, perfect for livestock containment and predator prevention. These fences feature a galvanized coating for long-lasting outdoor use in rural and agricultural settings, available in variable heights and custom wire spacing to suit different animal safety needs.


Non-Climb Woven Wire: This mesh horse fence wire is smooth on both sides to prevent snags and features narrow vertical mesh that keeps horses from stepping through or walking down. Square Deal Knot prevents the fence from buckling or sagging. Strong mesh design minimizes the potential for injury by flexing on impact. Quality galvanized wire with durable zinc coating resists weathering as well as wear and tear. Easy to install on flat or hilly terrain.

Barbed Wire is a proven choice for more demanding applications that are required. The galvanized coating provides durability and protection against the elements. Ensure your barbed wire fence project remains neat and sturdy with fence stays and ferrules.