Nashville Backyard BBQ Channel 2 News with Big Jerry's Fencing

Big Jerry’s Fencing Powers Up Nashville with a 12-Week Feature on Channel 2 News


Nashville, TN – Big Jerry’s Fencing, a recognized and trusted name in quality fencing solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Channel 2 News in a thrilling 12-week feature.

Starting this Friday, viewers are in for a treat as Krista Newbill, the passionate owner of Big Jerry’s Fencing’s Nashville location, will be on-air, on-site, and proudly representing BJF in branded gear. As Channel 2 News’ local weather anchor delivers the weekly weather forecast, Krista will join them, grilling out in the backyards of lucky Nashville residents.

This collaboration is about delivering the weather forecast and inviting local communities to be a part of something bigger. Every week for the next 12 weeks, as barbecues sizzle and laughter echoes, the bond between Big Jerry’s Fencing and the Nashville community will grow stronger.

“We always look for unique ways to connect with our community,” says Big Jerry’s Fencing representative Krista. “Backyard BBQs resonate with our brand. After all, what’s a good barbecue without a great fence setting the perimeter? Krista’s presence on Channel 2 every week offers her a fantastic platform to establish our brand in Nashville further.”

Encouraging everyone in the Nashville area to tune in, Big Jerry’s Fencing promises a mix of local charm, weather updates, and a sneak peek into the world of fencing.

For a glimpse of the fun from the first backyard barbecue, check out the photos on our official website and stay connected with us on our Tennessee Facebook page for weekly updates.

About Big Jerry’s Fencing
Big Jerry’s Fencing is dedicated to providing top-tier fencing solutions tailored to the unique needs of every homeowner. Ensuring quality, durability, and style, Big Jerry’s Fencing promises fences, safety, privacy, and memories that last a lifetime.

BBQ moments? Check out some snaps from our first outing!

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