A Fence Company You Can Trust

Add protection, privacy, and value to your home with Big Jerry’s Fencing.

Your Local Fence Company.

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A Fence Company You Can Trust

Add protection, privacy, and value to your home with Big Jerry’s Fencing

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So you can protect your loved ones and your investments.
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Your Local Fence Company!

Big Jerry’s Fencing companies are located in 20 cities in eight different states serving  Atlanta, Charlotte, Clayton, Creedmoor, Durham, Fayetteville, and Brunswick CO, Greensboro, Harnett County, Holly Springs, Nash County, RaleighJacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, Boise, Baton Rouge, Northeast GeorgiaPittsburgh, Columbus.

We are expanding our operations to become the go-to answer for anyone asking, “What’s the best fence company near me?”

Four Easy Steps to the Perfect Fence for Your Residential or Commercial Property

Simply answer a few questions and sketch out where your fence will be installed.


Get a fast and accurate quote without an on-site visit!


Our team of experienced fence contractors will install your fence right the first time.


Enjoy the privacy, protection and increased property value that your new fence brings!

Choosing the Right Fence Company

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Over a Decade of Trust and Experience

Tackling Diverse Fencing Challenges: With over ten years of experience as your local fence company, Big Jerry’s Fencing has encountered and successfully managed a wide array of fencing requests. From custom designs to unique challenges, our expertise ensures your fencing project is in capable hands.


Comprehensive Estimates and Sketches

Detailed and Transparent Quoting Process: Our estimates are thorough, providing sketches, warranty information, and detailed product descriptions. This transparency helps you understand exactly what you’re getting, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.


The Right Material and the Right Style for Your Fence

Guided Selection and Quotes: Choosing the right material for your fence can be daunting. We provide multiple quotes and discuss the benefits of each fence type, helping you make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.


Real People, Real Service

Proud to be Your Local Fence Company: Our quotes are crafted by real people who take the time to understand your needs. This personalized approach sets us apart, ensuring you receive a service that truly caters to your requirements.


Choose Big Jerry’s Fencing for Peace of Mind

Protecting What Matters Most: With Big Jerry’s Fencing, you’re not just installing a fence; you’re ensuring the safety of your kids, pets, and property. Choose us for a fence that not only secures but also enhances the appeal of your property.

Franchise Opportunity from Big Jerry's Fencing

Want to Start Your Own Fence Company?

Big Jerry’s Fencing offers you a unique franchise opportunity with us. The franchise taps into the home improvement market worth over $300 billion dollars. Our fence franchise offers you one of the most affordable and profitable ways to run a successful business in this booming industry.

Real Customer Reviews

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Add protection, privacy, and value to your home with a professional fence company. Our expert team offers excellent service, great quality, and a fair price. Locally owned and operated from 20 locations and growing. 

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Preparing for your fence with Big Jerry's Fencing

What are your next steps for before installation?

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Still on the Fence?

Here are eight more reasons to let the experts at Big Jerry’s Fencing Company help you get the ideal fence for your needs.


Expert Consultation and Personalized Service

At Big Jerry’s Fencing, every project begins with a detailed consultation. Their unique DRAW YOUR FENCE tool allows you to design your fence layout using satellite imagery of your property. A live consultant will then discuss your needs, ensuring a tailor-made solution.


Over a Decade of Trusted Experience

With more than ten years of experience, Big Jerry’s Fencing has seen and handled various fencing projects. Their expertise ensures that your fencing needs are met with professional acumen, no matter how unique.


Comprehensive Services for Every Need

Whether it’s ensuring the safety of a new puppy, complying with pool safety regulations, or meeting HOA requirements, Big Jerry’s Fencing offers solutions for every scenario. Their wide range of services caters to diverse needs, ensuring you get precisely what you want.


Detailed Estimates and Sketches

Estimates from Big Jerry’s include sketches, warranty information, and detailed product descriptions. These sketches clearly show how your fence will integrate with your property, offering peace of mind before installation begins.


Your Choice of High-Quality Material and Fence Styles

Our fence company provides multiple quotes for different materials, helping you decide what’s best for your situation. We offer a range of styles to suit various aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.


Personalized Quotes from Real People

Their quotes are not automated Internet responses. Each quote is personalized by a consultant who has taken the time to understand your fencing needs, ensuring a more accurate and tailored service.


Easy Financing Options

Understanding that financial flexibility is important, Big Jerry’s Fencing partners with Acorn Finance to offer financing options, making your fence project more accessible and stress-free.


Professional Installation and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Big Jerry’s Fencing guarantees professional installation and customer satisfaction. Their experienced installers work closely with you throughout the process, and they don’t consider the project complete until you are fully satisfied.

Draw Your Fence with Big Jerry's Fencing