Fence Warranty

Fence Warranty
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

All materials will be warranted by the manufacturer. Big Jerry’s Fencing provides a LIFETIME guarantee of construction to be free of defects in workmanship. this covers installation errors only. Fence materials will change in appearance, dimension, and shape due to the process of aging and exposure to the elements. Wood fence materials are subject to warping and cracking. Defects to the fence and fence hardware caused by these natural changes to the material are specifically excluded from the warranty. Also excluded are vandalism, climbing, vehicular damage, swinging on gates and normal wear and tear. In the event your fence is in need of repair, all repairs will be made within 30 days of notification and may be subject to a charge if the damage is found to be caused by anything other than installation error.

License and Insurance:

Big Jerry’s Fencing LLC carries full general liability insurance. Proof of same is available upon request.


We use #2-grade or better pine lumber which has been pressure-treated with ACQ or MCQ treatment. Pine is the most commonly used wood for pressure treating because its density accepts and retains the treatment chemicals better than most other species. MCQ is the newest treatment chemical and leaves the wood much lighter than the traditional green color of ACQ.

The grading system (#2 grade) refers only to the appearance of each board. It is normal for #2-grade pine lumber to have knots or small areas of bark called “wane” Big Jerry’s Fencing hand picks each piece of lumber during the construction process to reduce or eliminate unattractive pieces. If you are concerned about blemishes, #1-grade lumber is available at a higher cost.


All pressure-treated lumber will be wet when it arrives on your job site. As the lumber dries, it will shrink a little. This shrinkage is particularly noticeable in the gaps between pickets. Pickets on privacy fence spaced 0″ apart during construction; can be expected to shrink to result in a 1/8″ to 1/4″ gap between each picket. Let us know if you would like to know about fence styles which offer total privacy.


Big Jerry’s Fencing uses pneumatic (air powered) nail guns during construction. These gun’s shoot nails into the wood and countersink the head of the nail. This is done on purpose to give the nail better holding power. We use only hot-dipped galvanized nails which are approved for ACQ lumber. Our nails are also ring-shank, meaning they have a series of small rings along the length of the nail. These nails have greater holding power which reduces warping and virtually eliminate pop-ups.

Property Lines:

Big Jerry’s Fencing will need to know where your property lines are before we can begin to build your fence. If your survey corner stakes are in place, or if you have a copy of your site plan, we can usually determine where the lines are. Unless you specify otherwise, we typically build fences 4-6 inches inside the property lines.

Home Owners Association:

Most neighborhoods require approval by the Home Owner’s Association, Architectural Committee or builder before a fence can be installed. Big Jerry’s Fencing will help in any way possible to ease you through this process. We are happy to provide drawings and any construction information which is needed. However, obtaining HOA approval is the responsibility of the homeowner. Big Jerry’s Fencing is not responsible for any violation of homeowners’ HOA covenants and guidelines.

Clearing a Path:

If you have a wooded or obstructed lot, we will need a path approximately 2 feet wide to be clear where you would like the fence installed. Minor obstacles such as saplings, tree limbs or occasional rocks will be moved by our builders as part of the normal installation process. We will gladly provide you with an estimate to clear the path if you do not want the hassle. Please be aware we make every effort to tread lightly on our customer’s property. Please let us know of any landscaping or vegetation which may require extra gentle handling.


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