The St. George

The St. George is a custom-built wood fence with a spindle top design. This fence is sure to add curb appeal and is ideal for homeowners who want privacy without feeling boxed in. With 5 feet of privacy fencing and 1 foot of vertically framed spindles, The St. George finds the perfect balance between keeping your yard open and concealing your intimate space.

If having a fence that looks similar from both sides is important to you, The St. George is a good fit. The pickets are centered with the fence posts, exposing the posts to be seen from either side of the fence. This design ensures that your fence is beautiful from all angles and ideal for homes with plenty of visibility.
St. George Wood Privacy Fence from Big Jerry's Fencing

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Unlike most wood fences with decorative tops, The St. George is structurally sound and sturdy. The spindle top is framed with horizontal rails that are anchored to the posts for stability. Using 1×6 pickets, 2×4 rails, 4×4 posts, and 6×6 gate posts, The St. George is designed with a 1ft vertical spindle top secured with 2×4 interior and 1×4 exterior rails and comes complete with BJF post caps for every post. Big Jerry’s Fencing uses high-quality lumber to stick build your wood fence on-site, from scratch, every time. The 6×6 gate posts provide additional support to help combat common gate problems such as leaning, sagging, and hinge failure.

Big Jerry’s Fencing uses galvanized ring shank nails to construct our wood fences. The galvanized coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, while the ring shank design provides added holding power to help prevent nails from popping out as the wood changes and shrinks over time. Big Jerry’s Fencing guarantees that your wood fence will be built to last.
If you are looking for a beautiful wood fence that provides privacy without completely obstructing your beautiful views, The St. George is the perfect fence for you.
Board on Board and Shadowbox Designs Available